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Decorate with Halloween Stickers


Decorate this Halloween with easy to apply stickers



Are you a Halloween fan?  If so you will definitely want these.  Decorate this Halloween with Pro Cal. Halloween is the second largest Holiday, Let Pro Cal help you Decorate this Halloween with easy to apply stickers that will bond to glass, wood, aluminum and many other surfaces!  These stickers are a perfect temporary decoration that the kids will love! These can be used as party favors.  You can use these for your favorite drink bottle, hydro-flask, cooler, helmet. This package will contain 5 sheets of 8.5 x 11 (35) stickers that are incredibly easy to peel and apply!  Halloween is coming up really quick, So get yours today!  These Items are in-stock and ready to ship!  Use them for your storefront, or home! $7.50 for a pack of 5 sheets 8.5 x 11 sizes of stickers range from 4-7 inches.****INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!****



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