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Interior Prints

Our skilled members hand-stretch and meticulously inspect each piece to ensure your canvas print is perfect! Extra vivid print, using quality acrylic materials with 1/4 “depth that will make your photo, or print really stand out.

Aluminum, acrylic, and canvas prints

Pro Cal manufactures our own custom frames and canvases. This means you can outfit your business with a whole new look using beautiful framed prints, or canvases stretched at wholesale pricing!

Seeing a print on Acrylic is a truly eye-catching experience. We use digital acrylic that is 99% optically clear. We print in combinations color/white, or color/white/color depending on your specific application. Each print is then cut to shape (whatever it may be) and polished to give your piece exceptional beauty. These prints then can be mounted with stand-offs, or a unique floating frame.

For a great piece of artwork, or sign like you have never seen before, we recommend trying our aluminum print signage as well. We print directly on 3mm, or 6mm aluminum composite material (white coated or brushed) your print will take on a look not possible with other materials. This material is lightweight, rigid and extremely durable great for indoor and outdoor art/signage. Plus, it makes perfect lettering for directional signage!

To see examples of our interior printing services, check out our portfolio page.

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