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In addition to Pro Cals grand format roll printers, we have production, flat-bed, rigid substrate UV printers with roll to roll capabilities! What does that mean for our customers? It simply means “Your Imagination is our only limitation” Pro Cal literally has limitless capabilities.

Direct to media UV printing

The advantages of UV printing are numerous! Primarily, the ink is dry the second it comes off the press. No time is lost waiting for the ink to dry before folding, binding, or performing other finishing operations. Works with a variety of materials, including paper and non-paper substrates. We can print on PVC, Acrylic, Aluminum, Wood, virtually any substrate up to 2″ thick!

UV Printing works particularly well with synthetic paper, a popular substrate for maps, menus, and other moisture-resistant applications. UV-cured ink is less prone to scratches, scuffs, or ink transfer during handling and transportation. It also resists fading. The printing is sharper and more vibrant. Because the ink dries so rapidly, it does not have a chance to spread or absorb into the substrate. As a result, the printing stays vivid and crisp.

To see examples of our specialty printing services, check out our portfolio page.

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