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Pro Cal Consolidates Facilities

Exciting changes are coming to Pro Cal! This month we will be consolidating our two sales and production sites into our newest facility at 4366 Triple Crown Drive in Concord, NC (28027). Billing and other front-office functions will remain at our Rock Hill location for the foreseeable future, though the building (at 2061 Mt. Gallant Road) is currently for sale.

While partially in response to rising costs, the decision to consolidate was driven by our long-term vision to create a larger, more capable facility. Our new property in Concord is more modern, and ideally suited to meet the needs of both fleet and motorsports customers. The consolidation also unites our talent and resources under one roof – essential to increasing productivity and throughput for our customers.

To answer some of your questions regarding the consolidation, we’ve included a short FAQ below. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support as we take this important step towards our continuing growth!


How will this consolidation affect customers?
In most cases, it won’t. Business will continue as usual, though customers should plan to drop off vehicles in Concord after the New Year, unless other arrangements are made. No changes to staff are planned at this time, and your contacts should remain the same, barring unanticipated events.

Each staff member has been offered the opportunity to retain his or her current position at the consolidated location. We anticipate that the best and brightest from both locations will continue to serve our customers well into the future.

Where do I direct billing and human resources questions?
An office staff will remain at our Rock Hill location until further notice. Please direct all billing and human resources questions to this location at 803-324-4910.

Where do I direct questions about quotes or finished projects?
You may continue to send email to our sales and production staff at their current email addresses, or you can reach them at 704-795-6090 or 1-800-554-0023 after the first of the year. Please allow for minor production delays during the week of December 22 while we move equipment from Rock Hill to Concord.

I am a customer of Pro Cal. Where should I mail payments?
As usual, please send payments to PO Box 2473 (Rock Hill, SC 29732) or ACH.

I am a vendor of Pro Cal. Where should I send invoices for my services?
As usual, please send all invoices for services rendered to PO Box 2473 (Rock Hill, SC 29732) or

I am interested in purchasing or renting your building at 2061 Mt. Gallant Road in Rock Hill. Whom do I call?
Please direct real estate questions to Will Jordan at 803-366-1158.