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Tough, Dependable Decals for Vac2Go

After we purchase a new vacuum truck, the first thing we do is drive it over to Pro Cal for a fresh set of professional decals. Let’s be honest, our vacuum trucks are abused on almost every job. Our trucks are driven into power plants, paper mills, and coal plants. These environments are messy, sweaty, hot, dirty, humid, boiling, mucky, sweltering, stifling…I think you get the idea. After a day, a week, or even a full month, our vacuum trucks are driven out with the decals looking just as good as when those trucks first entered the plant. Now that’s quality you can depend on! But the abuse on our logos doesn’t stop there.

When the vacuum trucks are back on our yard and we begin the cleaning process, we are blasting our vacuum trucks with a 3000psi pressure washer to remove all of the dirt, mud, and grime. We are washing, scrubbing, and wiping down every inch and corner of our vacuum trucks. The logos? Still looking as fresh as the day they were put on.

If you want a quality set of professional logo’s, then check out Pro Cal. Their core business is vinyl graphic application and they provide a variety of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Partial & Full Wraps for Fleets & Single Vehicles
  • Decals & Stickers, including Bumper Stickers & Labels
  • Window Graphics & Storefront Signs
  • Banners & Posters
  • Indoor/Outdoor Signage
  • On-site Installation & Removal
  • Creative Services
  • And more!

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